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Counterfeit Guide


Make Sure Your SharpStone® is Authentic

Counterfeit SharpStone® Grinders have been out on the market for some time now. But it has recently become a major concern as more and more fakes flood the market and start to tarnish the authentic name of SharpStone® Grinders. The goal of SharpStone® is toprovide high-quality grinding and pressing products at an affordable price. Unfortunately these "knock-off" grinders are beginning to drive down the prices with their cheaper labor and cheaper material quality, causing problems from metal shavings contaminating the ground up product, to whole teeth breaking off, and in some cases causing injury to the user.

We are here to provide a consumer guide to help determine whether a grinder is infact an authentic SharpStone® Grinder, or a cheap counterfeit knock-off. If you find that you've been sold a counterfeit SharpStone® product of any kind, please notify the seller immediately and contact us at counterfeitinfo@sharpstonegrinders.com so we can update our counterfeit seller database. We will try to update the counterfeit list and the guide regularly and eventually allow public access. Thank you in advance for your participation in our attempt to get the knowledge out there and rid the market of these illegitament imposter products.

UPDATE: SharpStone® is now using white lettering on SOME of their grindersmostly the two piece hard tops. Though there is no official word yet as to whether they will be changing the whole line to follow this new trend or not, but we will inform you as soon as we find out. Thank you for your understanding.   


Counterfeit Guide


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