XL SharpStone® Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder - 3" Silver

XL SharpStone® Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder - 3" Silver

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XL SharpStone® Clear Top 4 Piece Grinder – 3” Silver

SharpStone® Brand absolutely stands up to the $100+ grinders on the market.

This is for a brand new SharpStone® Brand Herb Grinder:

  • Clear Top for viewing pleasure.
  • Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum Rod using the newest in CNC machining technology.
  • Anodized for smooth finish; this means no wear or smudge marks.
  • Razor sharp Diamond Cutting Blades for extreme efficiency.
  • Stainless steel pollen screen allows for only the finest pollen to fall to the bottom catch.
  • Powerful Neodymium Magnets for incredible closure.
  • Thin poly ring around top grinding section, for smooth grinding and no friction.
  • Comes with protective pouch and pollen scraper!

Color: Silver

Size:Extra Large  3” Wide.

  • 5
    i dont do recuews

    Posted by Adam lopez on 10th Feb 2015

    The first time I laid eyes on a sharp stone tool I knew I needed one. Since sweet leafs original quality wasn't where it once was when I couldn't afford a 4 piece. I'm 30 now. And I collect art and brands that are only WORTH investing in. ST was the ONLY other horse Id put money on to sweet leafs metal. Mistake me not it was not my second choice. It was the other choice. The one that stood the test of time. I bought the fancy one with the clear top and 4 pieces. But only cause the bigger one didn't have a clear top. That clear top that first blew my mind.

  • 5
    Best Grinder on the Planet!

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Apr 2014

    Try one for yourself!

  • 4
    Just bought but Love

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Mar 2014

    I just bought my largest grinder yet, and love it. I like the size the weight is good and performance is amazing

  • 5
    All good so far

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jan 2014

    I was hesitant to buy a grinder with a window, as I was unsure how sturdy the teeth on the top were. The top window has holes in it that the teeth fit into and they seem to be pretty resilient. The teeth are a decent sharpness, but even a gram of material is shredded so easily due to the size. The chamber is big enough to store over an eighth and the sifter collects a good amount of kief. Overall good grinder.

  • 4
    Good but with a small design flaw

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Nov 2013

    I have owned several sharpstones over the years, though only ever 2.5" models in the classic and clear tops; this is my first 3" sharpstone. I purchased two at the same time and they're both the same so this is a design issue, but the teeth of the two sides do not come quite close enough to the plates at the base on the opposite side when the grinder is closed. What this means is that small pieces get stuck in the teeth and have to be picked out by hand because the opposing teeth cannot reach far enough. It's like when the ball on the foosball table is just out of reach of both sides, except here the problem is much more frustrating since I have to pick the pieces out and then finish grinding.

  • 5
    best grinder around

    Posted by jeremy schilling on 5th Sep 2013

    Best grinder I've ever used, By far. This thing is huge and definitely well made. It can cut thru any amount of herb i put in. The first twist is as smooth as the last! and this thing doesn't squeak at all. At 30 dollars this grinder is a steal especially compared to the 45$ 2" inch knock off i got at a shop. You'd be crazy not to buy this grinder for this price. In my opinion definitely just as good if not better then the space case or any other similar 100$+ plus grinder that I've used.

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    awesome for the price

    Posted by Kyle on 29th Aug 2013

    I was very pleased with the quality of this grinder and the size came with a cool little pouch thing is the holes where it falls through are a Lil small some times Herb hair's won't go through

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    Great Grinder for the price

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Aug 2013

    I purchased the 4 pc LX grinder for my wife; she wanted one that was large and would allow her to see when everything was ground up. The XL fit the bill.

    The grinder is well made, but not fully finished. The cutting teeth are machined in a lightning bolt shape with 4 cutting edges. This really helps to chop your herb quickly and very fine. When I examined the cutting teeth with my digital microscope you could see small aluminum shavings on the cutting edges. This, I could tell, is just from not de-burring after machining. It is a good idea to grind up some paper to remove most of the burrs; some had to be removed with tweezers. Also the cutting edges are not very smooth, but they are sharp. I feel if these grinders were finish as part of the manufacturing process, they would be much more desirable and would be able to compete with the finishing quality of the Space Case and Santa Cruz Shredder grinders.
    With a little TLC, you can make this Sharpstone grinder an exceptional grinder. They are still good grinders; much better than other grinders, but not up to SC or SCS in finishing quality. To me, they are a much better value than the high priced grinders and when they are cleaned up, they perform exceptionally well. The Sharpstone grinders get the most use in our house and are the ones we let friends use.
    The 4 piece XL Sharpstone grinder is better finished than the other two smaller Sharpstone grinders I own. My wife really loves being able to watch as she grinds. It is quick and really grinds the herb up very well, into small sized pieces; almost half the size of the SCS pieces.

    This is a nice large grinder that makes quick work of your herbs. Just make sure to inspect the cutting teeth and clean them up before you grind.


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